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Thursday, May 6, 4:32 pm

Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation



Coming Soon – Expected Release 2020

Multi-5 C10 with box

MULTI-5 Chamber instrument package offers new solutions for saturation diving chamber monitoring.

The system consists of three units:

  • A touch screen display located in the control panel.
  • A sensor box located outside the chamber to measure pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • A sensor box located inside the chamber to measure temperature and humidity.

The sensor signals are digitised and their information is transmitted over a two pair data cable to the remote display located in the chamber control panel.

This approach offers both ergonomic and functional advantages by digitising the information at source and transmitting it to a display that is located where it is needed by the operator.

MULTI-5 Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Other application specific designs such as a Diving bell monitor and gas storage management are being developed.

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