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Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation



The SAT-5 range of instrumentation is designed specifically for use within saturation diving systems were they provide unparalleled features and performance. The instruments are housed in custom cases that can be either panel mounted or installed into a 19”sub-rack frame.

The SAT-5 range includes features such as:

  • Colour touch screen graphical user interface.
  • Auto ranging display (where appropriate).
  • Historical trend graphing.
  • Data logging with 12 months history and audit trail as standard.
  • Fully user configurable using the touch screen with password protection of critical settings including the location label which is shown on the display and appended to the data.
  • Ethernet port for connecting to a centralised data visualisation and recording system such as CDRS.
  • Isolated 4-20mA analogue output that mirrors the display reading.
  • Volt free relay contacts operated by the alarms.
  • Built in universal mains or wide input DC power supply.

Gas Analysers

The SAT-5 gas analysers use the latest sensor technology and signal processing electronics to provide outstanding performance and value for money. All analysers in the range include; built in sample flow controller, electronic flow meter with flow failure alarm and barometrically compensated readings.

We currently offer the following gas analysers:

  • Calculated Partial Pressure Oxygen Analyser :- This analyser displays the calculated oxygen partial pressure in a pressurised compartment. It uses the percentage oxygen reading from a gas sample and a pressure signal to calculate the oxygen partial pressure.
  • Carbon Dioxide :- This analyser uses a unique long-life infrared LED based sensor which is immune to degradation through helium ingress. The sensor readings are compensated for temperature and barometric pressure variations.



The SAT-5 saturation diving monitors complement the gas analyser range by providing matching instruments to monitor pressure, temperature and humidity, oxygen partial pressure and wire length. The monitors share the same user interface and connectivity features as the analysers. Each type of monitor also offers application specific features that make them stand out from the rest.

Some of the features include:

Pressure with Rate of Change Monitor :-

  • High accuracy and resolution.
  • Auto ranging display that increases the resolution of the reading close to the surface.
  • Rate of change pressure indication.
  • Historical trend graph of pressure against time.
  • High and low pressure audio visual alarm with independent volt free contact.
  • Rapid decompression alarm with independent volt free contact that can the used to shut valves.

Temperature and Humidity Monitor :-

  • Combined temperature and humidity display.
  • Individual alarms for high and low temperature / high and low humidity.
  • Digital output sensor with built in local display of temperature and humidity.
  • Plug in replaceable pre-calibrated sensing element.

Oxygen Partial Pressure Monitor :-

  • Signal conditioned sensor with local partial pressure display.
  • Robust 2 wire 4 to 20mA loop powered connection between sensor and display.

Wire Length Counter :-

  • Works with two NPN or PNP type proximity sensors to detect sheave rotation and direction.
  • Marker allows relative measurement of bell or cursor depth.
  • Simple calibration by running out a known length of wire.

Fluorescence Quenching Oxygen analyser and Depth Monitor:-

  • uses a fluorescence quenching oxygen sensor and a 4-20mA pressure transmitter.
  • primarily for oxygen end of line analysis and diver depth monitoring

Temperature Monitor :-

  • Can be used to monitor most critical temperatures that require an alarm on both high and low values.
  • uses a 4-20mA temperature transmitter to carry out the measurement.


The SAT-5 controllers complement the range by providing matching instruments to control, oxygen partial pressure and temperature & humidity.


Oxygen Injection Controller :- The SAT-5 oxygen injection controller is designed to maintain a constant oxygen partial pressure in a saturation diving living chamber.



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