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Sunday, June 16, 8:05 pm

Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation

SAT-5 Range of Instrumentation
AIR-5 Instrumentation

Introducing the Series-5 Product Range

SAT Systems have 30 years’ worth of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the professional diving industry. Founded on the basis of delivering reliable and accurate products, SAT Systems strive to maintain recognition as one of the market leaders in hyperbaric solutions.

Now, after several years of research and development, customer feedback and product testing, SAT Systems are launching a new instrumentation range which makes use of the latest technology that we have grown accustomed to in modern electronic equipment.

The new instrument range has been named “Series-5” as it is the fifth generation of this type of equipment produced by SAT Systems.

Some of the design objectives included:

  • Simplicity: easy to operate.
  • Performance: using modern sensor technology and digital signal processing.
  • Storage & Security: integrated audit trail and built in black box capabilities.
  • Safety: conforms to the latest safety, ergonomic and EMC requirements.
  • Connectivity: readings and alarm status to be available anywhere.
  • Quality: high quality materials and thorough testing.
  • Value: affordable product range.

The Series-5 range includes:

  • Gas analysers for oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
  • Pressure, temperature and humidity monitors, wire length counters.
  • Controllers for oxygen make up, temperature and humidity.
  • Multi-channel instrumentation systems.

The range includes models that are suitable for both saturation and air diving.

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