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Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation


Partial Pressure Oxygen Monitor (mV)


The SAT-5 oxygen partial pressure monitor uses a remote mVolt output electrochemical oxygen sensor, located inside the pressure compartment. The sensor connects to the display unit located in the control room where the oxygen levels are monitored within the range of 0 – 2.000 bar.

All monitors in the SAT-5 range are fully configurable by the user from the colour touch screen. Important settings and actions are password protected to prevent unauthorised adjustment. An internal “black box” recorder stores a minimum of 12 months’ worth of data including user interactions onto a micro SD card.

An onscreen graph displays a trace of the readings against time & the user has the option to select the time scale from 20 minutes to 24 hours; a numeric value of the change is also displayed.

An RJ45 Ethernet connection is fitted as standard enabling the user to interface the instruments with computerised data storage software. The sensor is temperature compensated for improved accuracy. The measurement range is 0 – 2.000 bar oxygen with an accuracy of ± 5 mbar O2 and a response time of less than 14 seconds.

This instrument is suitable for use in a diving system control room environment to accurately monitor the oxygen partial pressure in chamber compartments, transfer trunks and hyperbaric rescue chambers.


Size / Weight:

Property Value
Length 210 mm
Width 106 mm
Height 128 mm
Weight 1.3 kg

Temperature Range:

Property Value
Operating 0 – 50 ºC
Storage -20 – 60 ºC


Property Value
RoHS Compliant Yes


Electrical Specifications

Mains Power Input:

Property Value
Voltage 100 – 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power 5 W

Optional DC Power Input:

Property Value
Voltage 10 – 36 V
Power 5 W


Property Value
Maximum voltage 250 VAC
Maximum current 6 A
Volt-free contacts Yes

4-20mA Output:

Property Value
Maximum load 600 Ω
Drive voltage 15 V
Galvanic Isolation Yes
Isolation voltage 400 Vrms


Property Value
Loudness 76 dB @ 1m

Sensor Specifications

Chemical oxygen sensor:

Property Value
Part number D-05
Lifetime ~5,000,000 mbar-hours, ~2.5years at 0.209 bar
Range 0 – 2 bar
Accuracy ± 5 mbar
Response Time T90 <14s

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