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Friday, May 24, 10:54 pm

Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation



The SAT-5 controllers complement the range by providing matching instruments to control oxygen partial pressure.


SAT-5 Oxygen Injection Controller :-

The SAT-5 oxygen injection controller is designed to maintain a constant oxygen partial pressure in a saturation diving living chamber. It uses its graphic interface to display the oxygen injection cycle in real time so that the process status can be checked at a glance.

SAT-5 Temperature & Humidity Monitor & Air-5 Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Both the SAT-5 & Air-5 temperature and humidity monitors can be upgraded so that the signal from the temperature and humidity sensor passes through a small PLC with local display that will provide the control signals that are required to keep the temperature and humidity in the chamber at constant levels. The control signals can be simple ON/OFF functions or analogue 4-20mA signals to operate proportional valves.

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