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Tuesday, December 18, 10:06 pm

Series-5 *New Range of instrumentation



The SAT-5 controllers complement the range by providing matching instruments to control oxygen partial pressure.


Oxygen Injection Controller :-

The SAT-5 oxygen injection controller is designed to maintain a constant oxygen partial pressure in a saturation diving living chamber. The controller operates a solenoid valve connected to its volt-free contact to inject oxygen into the chamber. The controller injects oxygen for a time period that is proportional to the requirements of the occupants of the chamber, after which a mixing period follows the injection period to allow the oxygen to mix with the gas in the chamber. If the required partial pressure of oxygen is not reached after the mixing period, the cycle repeats until the required partial pressure in the chamber is reached. Progress of the injection cycle is displayed as a bar graph below the oxygen partial pressure reading in the chamber.

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